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Stockman O’Connor’s attorneys are skilled in the defense of health care practitioners. We specialize in defending professionals against medical malpractice suits from the inception of a claim to verdict, and at all stages and resolutions in between. Our attorneys are adept at navigating high exposure claims such as birth injuries, permanent injury/neurologic injury, and wrongful death. Our clients include physicians, hospitals, physician groups, mid-level providers, dentists, mental health care providers, long term care/skilled rehab facilities, etc. We understand that success in these cases may take any number of forms from settlement to trial. Our attorneys employ a multifaceted approach, which includes garnering a true understanding of the medicine, delivering an honest evaluation of liability and positioning the case for the best resolution possible. We know that these claims can be distressing on a personal and professional level and that they can affect a provider’s career, reputation, family and mental health. With that in mind, we take up the defense of the health care professional with dedication, intensity, compassion and the best interests of the client at heart.

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