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Stockman O’Connor provides vigorous defense representation for licensed professionals facing malpractice claims in Connecticut. With a team of attorneys who have extensive experience at all phases of litigation, including trial, we are uniquely positioned to protect our clients against unnecessary consequences in professional malpractice lawsuits.

As a licensed professional, a malpractice lawsuit can threaten not only your finances but also your career and your reputation. Malpractice claims can also lead to issues with insurance coverage, and in many cases, they can trigger disciplinary action by the professional’s state licensing board. At Stockman O’Connor, we understand what is at stake in professional malpractice litigation, and we are attuned to the personal and professional consequences of being targeted in a negligence-based claim. If you have been sued, have been made aware of a client or patient complaint, or are concerned about the potential for a professional malpractice claim, we can help, and we encourage you to contact us promptly to discuss your case.

Experienced Defense Representation for Licensed Professionals in Connecticut

We handle professional malpractice matters in all state and federal jurisdictions in Connecticut, as well as those pending before state licensing boards and other agencies. While much of our practice is devoted to representing clients in the health care industry, our attorneys have experience representing all types of licensed professionals in malpractice litigation. Our clients include:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Attorneys

When facing a professional malpractice claim, taking a proactive approach can significantly mitigate the time and cost involved in achieving a favorable resolution. With this in mind, our attorneys work closely with all of our clients to quickly get up to speed on the facts of their case and determine the most efficient and effective path forward.

Proactive Defense Strategies for Fighting Professional Malpractice Claims

From disputing the veracity of the plaintiff’s allegations to relying on expert testimony to establish that our client’s conduct fell within the applicable standard of care, we take a comprehensive approach to professional malpractice defense that focuses on challenging all aspects of the plaintiff’s case. In all matters, we strive to resolve our clients’ malpractice claims as quickly and discretely as possible. However, as litigators, we will not hesitate to take plaintiffs and their attorneys to trial when necessary, and we have built a substantial track record of securing favorable verdicts for our clients in court.

Speak with a Professional Malpractice Lawyer in Confidence

For more information about our firm’s professional malpractice defense practice, please contact us to schedule a confidential initial consultation. To speak with a litigator at Stockman O’Connor, call 203-598-7585 or request an appointment online today.

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