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25 July - 2018

Wrongful Death Defense Verdict in Bridgeport Superior Court on Behalf of a Connecticut Hospital

25 Jul

July 25, 2018: SOC Partners, Rich O’Connor and Vimala Ruszkowski, obtained a defense verdict in Bridgeport Superior Court on behalf of a Connecticut Hospital. The case involved a wrongful death action brought by the Administrators of the Estate of a 28-year-old female patient who had been admitted to the Hospital’s Emergency Department for opioid intoxication.  The Administrators of the Estate alleged malpractice claiming that the Emergency Medicine physician inappropriately discharged the patient before determining whether the patient would re-exhibit signs of opioid intoxication.  The jurors heard evidence over a three week time frame and plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to return an award in excess of $22 million.  The jury rendered a defense verdict in 2 hours.  Attorney O’Connor’s command of the medicine and Attorney Ruszkowski’s sensitive yet revealing cross of the Administrator of the Estate were key to the victory.