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17 June - 2019

Melinda Monson Joins Stockman O’Connor Connors

17 Jun

We are very pleased to announce that Melinda S. Monson has joined Stockman O’Connor Connors as a partner. Melinda brings almost 30 years of legal experience to the firm’s litigation and healthcare law practice.  Prior to joining Stockman O’Connor Connors, Melinda served for 10 years as the Administrative Director of Risk Management for a large Connecticut health care system.  In this role, Melinda worked closely with risk management personnel, attorneys, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals on a daily basis to assess and mitigate potential risks related to patient care. She was also responsible for overseeing the system’s insurance program and for managing claims and litigation assigned to outside counsel.  Her experience in this role along with her nursing experience and ongoing tenure as an adjunct professor in health care administration are an asset to the firm and the firm’s health care clients. 

Melinda is no stranger to private practice.  Prior to going into hospital risk management, Melinda practiced for eighteen years as a litigator with several Connecticut-based firms. While in private practice, she focused on representing health care providers in the areas in which she serves clients today with Stockman O’Connor Connors: medical malpractice defense, professional license defense and risk management consultation.  She is thrilled to be returning to private practice and eager to utilize her unique insight and experience to advise the firm’s health care clients.

Melinda is a thoughtful, strategic and pragmatic advisor who is passionate about serving her clients and doing so in a way that is customized to deal with the specific issues in each case.

“On a certain level, medical malpractice cases can be similar on the surface, but each case truly requires an individualized approach to match the needs of the clinician.  Each clinician is a unique individual that deserves to be understood and supported in a way that is meaningful.”

Another particularly unique facet of Melinda’s practice is her ability to assess cases from the perspective of both medical defensibility and practical defensibility. Working with health care providers and their insurers, Melinda examines the factual and legal circumstances of each case to determine realistic settlement options and assess the likelihood of success in litigation:

“Ultimately, the question is not only ‘Should my client feel comfortable going in front of a jury?’, but also, ‘Does my client feel comfortable going in front of a jury?’ Again, each client and each case is unique and we strive to never lose sight of the person at the core of case.”

Melinda enjoys working with health care providers and their insurers to achieve favorable results however that may look under the circumstances. We are thrilled to have her on our team, and we hope you will join us in extending Melinda a warm welcome to Stockman O’Connor Connors.